The loan under this scheme shall be available only on plots of HUDA  / Housing Board Houses and flats and Housing colonies approved by Director Town & Country Planning only within the area of operation of the bank for the following purposes:-

1.1 For construction of house / flat;

1.2 For purchase of built house / flat.  

1.3  For  purchase  of  under  construction  house / flat  from  Housing  Boards / Haryana Urban Development Authorities / Co-operative  Societies / Approved  Private  Builders.

1.4  For carrying out Additions to the house/flat.

1.5  For carrying out repairs / renovation / alterations/ cost of furnishing to the house / flat.

1.6   For meeting cost escalation in the cases of under construction houses/flats to existing Housing Loan borrowers.

1.7 For purchase of land / plot for house building.


1.8 Payment of installment (s) of plots allotted by HUDA/Housing Board houses /Flats;

1.9      Payment of earnest money of HUDA plots/Housing Board houses /flats;

In no circumstances loan will be sanctioned on colonies, which are not approved by Directorate of Town & Country Planning.

The Bank will not finance purchase / payment of installment of plots other than HUDA / Housing Board.


Individuals / Joint Owners are also eligible.

2.1 Professionals, Businessmen and Traders will be eligible for the loan up to 50 times of the average of their net monthly income during the past three years, which will be determined from their income tax returns and that of the Co-borrower, if any.

2.2 All Government employees and employees of Boards / Corporations / Cooperative Institutions/Banks. Registered and Recognized Educational Institutes, Multi-National Companies, Public and Private Companies etc.  Such borrowers shall be eligible for the loan equal to their 50 times of monthly gross pay.

2.3 The borrower should have attained the minimum age of 21 years.  However, the repayment of loan should be completed at the maximum age of 65 years.

2.4 The loan will be provided to the eligible borrowers within operational area of   the Bank.



3.1 For Construction / Additions / Purchase of  House / Flat:  Need  based  loan  depending upon the project cost and repaying capacity of the borrower maximum Rs. 40.00 lakhs.  


3.2 For purchase of Land / Plot for House Building: Maximum 50% of the eligible loan amount as per the repayment capacity.  

3.3    For repairs / renovation / alterations: Maximum Rs.10 lakhs.  The   prospective borrower (s) will be eligible after 5 years of construction of House / Flat;

3.4 Cost of furnishing may be included in the project cost with maximum upto 10% of eligible housing loan.  

3.5   Repayment should be fixed on a realistic basis, of the borrower(s).  For this purpose, all deductions including the proposed Housing Loan installment should not exceed 50% of gross salary for employees / net income for businessmen borrower(s).   

3.6    The income of the spouse and earning children (whether married or unmarried) should be taken into account for determining the income for the purpose of borrowers’ repaying capacity.  

The  income  of  the  joint  owners  of  the  property  may  also  be  added  for determining the repaying capacity. In such cases, they should be made co-borrower.  

3.7   Father / Mother can also be made as co-borrower in cases where property is in the single name of his / her son and also clubbing of their income be permitted for the purpose of eligibility / repayment of loan.   

3.8    Likely rental income, if the property is to be let out be also considered for determining the repaying capacity. The same be assessed on the basis of the rental value in the locality in which the house/flat is located.  The market report may be gathered from the property dealers of the locality and a mention of the same may clearly be made in the recommendation note of Branch Manager.